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New Level Hyper Comics for adults! Pics stories and pure passion HQ
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14th January 2011

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She’d had a rough day at work and was hoping that her lover would be able to give her a good night. She heard that he was in the bath and she went in there to see him. He could tell she was upset and asked about her day. It sounded horrible, so he knew exactly what to do to make it better. He put her down on the floor and got between her legs. He knew his talented tongue could get her snatch dripping in a matter of minutes. It wasn’t long before she was moaning and begging to feel his monster meat stretching her wide. He spread her legs and slid his thick dick inside. She let out a squeal as he began to pump her perfect pussy. He knew how to reach her g-spot with every thrust and he could hear her getting close. Once she came all over this cock, her pulsating pussy got him even hotter. He knew that she loved to drink his sticky love juice and this time would be no exception. She turned and begged for it. He pulled his throbbing cock out of her snatch and shoved it between her plump, painted lips.
3d sex comics
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3d sex  3d sex toons  3d comics

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