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3d Sex

6th December 2010

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She knew her new roommate was home, but she was so damn horny. She pulled out her vibrating friend and started to give her pussy a good fucking. It was never as good as the real thing, but she didn’t know if her roommate would be up for a romp. From the other room, her roommate could hear her buzzer. He knew what was going on and decided to investigate for himself. He’d only agreed to move in with her because his hopes of tapping her ass were on the top of his list. When he saw what was going on, he dropped his drawers and grabbed her vibrator. He went to town fucking her snatch with the toy, but he was wanting more. She knew men loved a good blowjob and made sure to turn around and feed on his sausage like a starving animal. He grew thicker than he ever had before and she knew the thicker he got the better she’d get fucked. When she sat down on his meat, she could feel it filling her up. She had hoped that her new roommate would end up being a good fit and now with his cock inside, she knew he was.
3d sex comics
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